Saturday, July 29, 2006

BoS Category 4 - Random Blogs

Welcome to the Blogs of Summer Awards!

Final Standings ~ Random Blog Clusters

Blogs of Summer Finalist
Congratulations to the Winners in each cluster!

Random Cluster #1
(74) Southern Sass on Criminal Activity ~ Winner!
(38) Random Yak
(16) Dane Bramage
(10) Mini Obs
(3) Blogs4Bauer
Is Anything Truly Random
Keep the Coffee Coming
Morning Coffee & Afternoon Tea
Pet's Garden
Riehl World View
Stalkers Not Allowed
Short Sighted
This That and Frog Hair

Random Cluster #2
(13) Notes in the Key Life ~ Winner!
(6) Pettifog
(2) Born Again Redneck
(2) Discerning Discipleship
(2) The Evangelical Ecologist
Absolutely Write!
BeckyJoie's Surviving With Illness
CT's Blog
Evangelical Outpost
Fides et Veritas
Left of Calvary
Mere Comments
Search for Sunrise
She Lives

Random Cluster #3
(129) RennyBA's Terella ~ Winner!
(37) Debt Free 4ever
(31) The Phoenix's Fire
(27) Cajun Tiger
(13) Venters Welcome
42 Dreams of Arizona Bay
A Pilgrim's Digression
Mumbo Jumbo
My Republican Blog
Never Yet Melted
Robot Guy
Stupid Trivia
The Anti-Manichaeist
The Bull Speaks

Random Cluster #4
(54) Home Where They Belong ~ Winner!
(17) Life As I Know It
(8) Lone Pony
(3) Yellow Roses Garden
(2) fallible
(2) Lazy Daisy Blog
Fall Wind Dancer
Friday's Child
Waiting to Teach, Ready to Learn
Wendy's Whimsies

Random Cluster #5
(25) Thanks for the Memories ~ Winner!
(19) Play Library
(17) Bruggie Tales
(6) Mommy off the Record
(4) Sting My Heart
Callapidder Days
De do do do, De da da da
My Weigh of Thinking
Outside In
Ponders Space
Rocks In My Dryer
That's Life
That's Life Too
The Shallow End

Celebrating the Best Blogs of Summer

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