Sunday, July 30, 2006

Current Argument: Gay Marriage, Part 1a

UPDATE: This entry serves as a summary index of links in an ongoing discussion between aTypical Joe and myself, Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud.

Short bit of history. I invited Joe to write about why he supports gay marriage - or as he prefers to call it, "marriage equality" vs. my preferred description, "same gender unions." I would write about why I do not support it.

Why? Because I like arguments. Thus this "diablog," the purpose of which is to understand each other's positions, exact one's own thinking on this topic, and generate further points to consider.

This is not meant to be an end-all, knock-down, drag 'em out fist fight. We want a forum where this issue is discussed openly, and so we encourage participation. Thoughtful comments and civil dialog are always welcome. Joe (ATJ) and I (FBO) will cross-post our entries at each other's blogs so that more people can participate in the discussion.

The Discussion So Far:
1) Joe's preface at ATJ: Marriage Equality dialogue
2) Joe's initial post, guest blogging at FBO: Current Argument: Gay Marriage, Part 1
3) Lyn's response, guest blogging at ATJ: The Great Gay Marriage Debate - Part 1a
4) Joe's response to my response, guest blogging at FBO: Joe Rebuts My Challenge
5) Lyn, guest posting at ATJ: Same Gender Unions - A Biblical Perspective
6) Probably next weekend...

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Past Bloggers Checking In: (With or without their knowledge. lol. NB, if you have a relevant post, trackback here and I'll link to you.)
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  1. Hey, if you want to make it a threesome, let me know. I don't support gay legal marriages, but for somewhat different reasons. Here is a good statement of my views.



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