Tuesday, July 11, 2006

KGB Carnival of Bloggers is Up

Hey, head on over to the weekly roundup of the KGB (Kansas Guild of Bloggers) at Blog Meridian. My entry is there, too. Can anyone tell me why I laughed when I saw it? :-) (Beth and Barb are correct!)

Pic Source: Technical Park

UPDATE: Oh, and two more things...

1) Chrys at Pettifog has radically updated the site. No longer merely a blog, it is a site...to behold! Check it out even though it is still under construction.

2) Found my blog subtly linked here at Dyre Portents. I wonder if it's a game as I'm not sure what my blog has to do with the article. Hint: I'm not a lawyer...I am now a scholar and a snowball! (noon update) Hmm...is that a promotion? lol

I will soon be starting an argument. The topic: "Gay Marriage." Will post the ground rules later this week. It'll be unlike anything Bloggin' Outloud has tried before! Edge of your seats.

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