Saturday, July 08, 2006

Soccer vs Baseball Caption Contest

I know why the commentator yells,
It happens so rarely, the crowd needs a wake up call.

But I guess 90 minutes isn't bad compared with three hours at a baseball game. That is way too much time to devote to not watching anything happen.

At least you can talk to your spouse during either game.
Might as well get a temporary separation during football
season. So what's your least favorite sport to watch?

While you're at it, want to caption this photo?

UPDATE 6/8/06 ~ Best so Far...
Shallow End: Bratwurst AGAIN?!
Lynda: That's gotta hurt!

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Picture Source: Fans of the German soccer team react in Berlin Tuesday, July 4, 2006, after the World Cup semifinal soccer match. Italy beat Germany 2-0 in extra time. (AP Photo/Roberto Pfeil)


  1. least favorite?

    Basketball, followed closely by running a marathon.

  2. least favorite to watch?


    Caption: Bratwurst AGAIN?!

    And just to clarify, by "way too much time to devote to not watching anything happen," you're referring only to baseball, right? Because soccer has tons of action for the duration of the game, just not many goals.

  3. I don't really watch sports. As for the caption, "That's gotta hurt!"

  4. Least Favorite Sport to watch: That would be Golf

    Caption:Todd looked on obliviously as lisa gave his girlfriend a purple nurple.

  5. My least favorite to watch is American football (not soccer). I don't mind watching soccer, but I don't make a habit of it.


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