Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunday Headlines, Humor & Comment

Unsolicited Comments
Humoring Today's Headlines*

Security Council Rebukes N. Korea
Kiss thee my behind, Satan

Strikes Are Called Part of Broad Strategy
Broads sure know how to get men's attention

Amid War, Some Violence May Be Personal
Doh. This is why we have war, someone took it personal

Inside the Mind of Hezbollah
This is your brain on drugs

Town Reaps Hard Cash for New Houses
NYT to investigate Ty Pennington

Stem Cells In Senate Spotlight
A microscope would be better

A Medical Crisis of Conscience
Shoot, I thought the article was about the AMA finally waking up to the fact that abortionists are violating their Hippocratic Oath by killing babies.

Now It's Your Turn
Police seek clown-face robbers after rampage
John: May lead to face-off
The Capitalist:
Eighteen perpetrators escape in tiny yellow car
More of your clever comments here.

Last Week's Winners
Hearse driver fined for speeding
Dane: Passenger still DOA
Beth: Family knew he'd be late to his own funeral
Joe: Brought to dead stop by police barricade
Me: Coudn't stop that coffin

* Comments mostly ripped from today's headlines at because they use Technorati and it helps draw traffic. For real.


  1. Warrents issued for arrest of Bozo, Krusty, and Pagliaccio.

  2. Eighteen perpetrators escape in tiny yellow car


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