Friday, July 28, 2006

Weekend Blogs of Summer Open Posts/Trackbacks

Yes, the time has come to stop the voting (by dinner time or so) and declare the winners for the Blogs of Summer awards. Check back later tonight and pick up your prizes in the following categories:

1. Humor and Satire
2. Milblogs and Military Support
3. Kitty Kat Blogs
4. Political Blogs

Voting in the Chick and Mommy Blogs ends tomorrow morning (Saturday) with winners announced later in the day, along with two of the Random Blog Clusters (#1 & #2 at Random Yak).

BUT Random Cluster #3 at RennyBA's Terella ends tomorrow night with winners announced Sunday. And Random Cluster #4 at 123beta ends Sunday with winners announced Monday. Confused yet? Good. And to make it more confusing, we need one more blog host for Random Cluster #5 and then we'll call an end to this madness :-)

Until then, open post and trackback here all weekend!

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