Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Been seeing this button pop up on various blogs of late. And I think I understand the message (I'm not really that dense, but I am a bit skeptical) - "Let's just all get along." Am I right? And that, of course, is laudable.

Why not coexist? The challenge is that one or more of the religions represented in this symbol of unity/diversity has at the core of it's doctrine the eradication of the infidel. And it ain't Christianity. Yes, Christians are called to seek the conversion of the infidel, but not eliminate them.

And the fact that there are other incompatible doctrines among this group quickly dispenses with the idea that all religions are simply different paths going up the same mountain. The reality is that every religion is going up a completely different mountain.

Not that this theological truth should prevent us from coexisting. We must coexist. We should just be wary of the enemy snipers who, under the pretext of getting along, will kill the unsuspecting.

UPDATE - Great comment from VK in the comment section:
I generally agree with what Sar said, but I think what the original post indicated, and what is easy to lose sight of, is that acknowledging that other faiths should coexist is not the same as acknowledging that all faiths are equal in value or worth.

Coexistence is a great idea, though decidedly difficult in places like the Sudan. But my reluctance to find one of those banners for my own website is that most people I know who have them would like to treat the differences in the various faiths as irrelevant. And that's not actually the teaching of any one of the religions represented by any of the letters.

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