Monday, August 07, 2006

PUNday's Test and Open Post

Pun Retention Test (Part 2)
Knowing too many puns can be bad for you. By evoking groans and rolled eyes whenever you start to tell a joke, people begin to think you're sick in the brain.

To discover just how sick you are let's continue our Pun Retention Test. How many of the PUNch lines below remind you of a familiar punny story (one that you've heard or told or could create to fit the ending)?

__ 1. MORAL: A niche in time saves Stein.
__ 2. The Czech is always in the male.
__ 3. Well, there's something about an aqua volvo, man...
__ 4. MORAL: A washed pot never oils.
__ 5. Transporting mynas over sedate lions for immortal porpoises.
(Or, Carrying gulls across a staid lion for immortal porpoises.)
__ 6. It's a long way to tip a Raree.
__ 7. Rudolph the Red, knows rain, dear.
__ 8. For making an obscene clone fall.
__ 9. Doctor, the thong is ended, but the malady lingers on!
__ 10. Where were you when the fit hit the Shan?

Note: If you can remember too many puns, you may need immediate therapy! Comment with some of your best punch lines and I'll include them as well. Then go seek help. Part 3 next week.

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