Friday, July 27, 2007

Fiction Friday's Afoot!

This Week’s Theme: Use the word afoot in dialog.

"Something's afoot with this Fiction Friday code you wrote," I tell D. Challener Roe.

"Why do you say that?" Roe asks.

"Just look at the bottom of this meme. The html tags TR & TD in the table must be off because the box on the left doesn't have a purple background."

"Did you copy the code exactly as it is here?"

"Yes," I insist.

"Then maybe something's wrong with your blog," he says.

"Thanks for you help."

UPDATE: Thanks PJD! I think it's fixed. :-)

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  1. isn't that funny... i didn't notice it happening to mine... ill have to go look.....

  2. I had to manually fix my code - I can send it to you with the purple across all four blocks if you want? Don't remember what I tweaked - but the code on the linked page isn't quite right (possible that it's only affecting blogger blogs...dunno.)

  3. It's only on mine! I've checked everyone else's. I don't know if I should feel special or penalized! lol Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud

  4. Now Beth, that might be it. Most of the FF participants don't use blogger. I remember scrapping the code on my first one and tweaking the code on my second - Guess I'll just have to go back to that one. Lyn

  5. Hi Lynn,

    Number one, I don't have a clue about code and stuff. Second, Brian's work computer which I use when I want, blanks out the backgrounds and colors on all websites.

    I think it's funny how it's always blogger error rather than faulty code. LOL



  6. This is such a creative way to deal with an annoyance:)

    I wish I were better equipped to help out but I just recently learned the difference between html and hotmail.

    I did transfer my Blogger blog into Wordpress. My life is MUCH easier now. You can import all of your posts and comments. It's user friendly.

    Then again, it may be the code...I really don't have a clue.

  7. I found the code worked perfectly on my new site-but it clashed with my colourscheme!

  8. I'll just keep my mouth shut and quietly slip out the door...

  9. I did have a problem as well but change it to fit my blog.

    I think I heard some story like this before

  10. LoL, Thanks for all the comments. And d.c. no problem, just having some fun :-) Will fiddle with the code later, probably a blogger thing! Have a great week. Lyn

  11. Cute way to work in the ff challenge, Lyn! Now I'll have to go and fix my code...

  12. ha ha ha ha!

    You need to copy the bgcolor= attribute from the right panel and paste it into the left panel in the HTML code. That worked for me.


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