Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Baby Sumo Caption Contest

Sumo baby : University student sumo wrestlers attempt to make babies cry during the "Baby-cry Sumo," an annual contest which is supposed to bring good health, at Tokyo's Sensoji temple in Tokyo.(AFP/Toshifumi Kitamura)

What's your caption? (Keep it G or PG, thanks!)
Will Post the Best So Far...
1. "My dad can beat up your dad!"
2. "Hey, after the match you wanna go out for a beer?"
3. "Look, if the kid starts to spit up, just hold him away from you, yeah, like that."
...from emawkc: "I don't think my diaper will fit this guy."
...from david drake: "I found this kid under my arm pit."


  1. "I don't think my diaper will fit this guy."

  2. I heard you returned to the keyboard. Good to have you back!

    "I found this kid under my arm pit."

    Other: "I found this one hiding between the fat rolls in my neck."

  3. Lyn, I had no idea you were back in the blogging business. I read about it at BlogMeridian and came to comment on the unfortunate loss of your friend's son, which I will go do now.

    Welcome back. We missed you!


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