Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I've Been Thinking Out Loud

Okay, now that I've been tagged twice, I better get on the stick.
Congratulations to me, I've been awarded the Thinking Blogger Award...
I done thunk it.

Awhile back Tidbits & Treasures said I made her think and now Dane Bramage dittos the sentiment. It must be true if 2 out of 2 trillion bloggers say so :-) Thanks, guys.

The problem is, this meme has taken the 'sphere by storm and I have no one left to nominate (too much cross-pollination). So I want to nominate the first five who comment and want to put this cool logo on their blog. Ready?


  1. Well, I already got one, but I just didn't want your plea for comments to go unheard. :)

  2. lol, see what I mean? Too much interbreeding! :-)

  3. I've been tagged thrice so I understand your pain.


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