Monday, June 25, 2007

Book Drawing: Win a Free Copy!

Keep Me In Suspense hosts a Contest Blog where you can enter a drawing to win a free book. This contest the winner will receive a copy of Cathy Elliott's A Vase of Mistaken Identity. (Kregel Publications, 2006)
Antique dealer Thea James acquires a vintage vase with a list of familiar names tucked inside. At first, she is just curious, but when one woman listed lies in a coma after a freak accident and a second woman mysteriously disappears, Thea gets nervous. Then gets involved, because...Thea's name is next!
Follow this small-town antiques dealer as she becomes a relentless detective on the trail of a killer in this "cozy mystery." But hurry, the drawing is July 2. Go here to find out more. Also, good review of the book is at Cozy Library.

UPDATE: July 5 - Barbara won the drawing.

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