Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fearless by Robin Parish - Day 3

Author Robin Parrish says his brain is destroyed!
(read the Q&A to find out how :-)

This week the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour (CSFF) is hosting Fearless by Robin Parrish, a novel in the allegorical tradition of Tolkien and Lewis, a powerful new myth for a new generation. Fearless is Book 2 in the Dominion Trilogy released this month by Bethany House.

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Today is Day 3 of the Tour and it's time for my final question:
Q. Do you have a writers group with whom you share your story ideas or do you keep your story lines under wraps? Can you give us some hints as to future projects?
A. I prefer to play my cards pretty close to the vest. I'm not opposed to writer's groups or that sort of thing... I honestly just don't have time for it. Between INFUZE, novel writing, and my married life, my dance card is as full as it can get.

Future projects are still under discussion, but I have lots and lots of ideas, some more fully developed than others. There will always be an element of suspense and mystery to my novels, because that's who I am. But I can see stories that take a more speculative science fiction/Michael Crichton kind of slant, or a more relational/emotional slant that would be accessible to a wider range of readers.

One thing I think I can say pretty definitively is that I'm not interested in doing another trilogy or series anytime soon. The complexity involved in getting every detail just right, and making sure it all adds up and makes sense in the end... it destroys your brain. I look forward to telling some good, solid, self-contained novels next.

Well, thanks Robin for your time in answering some questions. I hope your brain isn't too badly destroyed! I'd like to see you keep writing and that's probably difficult to do without a brain. So best wishes on the tour and upon the release of Fearless. Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud


  1. I love Robin's comment that trilogies destroy the writer's brain. That is hilarious!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Chris and Mark. I like the short interview style as well. Well, I guess that's one reason I formatted the Q&A this way :-) Have a great tour. Lyn

  3. Yes trilogies do destroy your mind!


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