Monday, July 23, 2007

Fearless by Robin Parrish - Day 1

CSSF Blog TourThis month the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy Blog Tour (CSFF) is hosting Fearless by Robin Parrish, a novel in the allegorical tradition of Tolkien and Lewis, a powerful new myth for a new generation. Fearless is Book 2 in the Dominion Trilogy released this month by Bethany House.

From the jacket...
Grant Borrows' life has just taken a drastic left turn. There's another man in the world wearing his face and living his life. What's more, the man he sees in the mirror is a stranger.

Somehow, he's been Shifted -- his whole life fundamentally altered, in the space of a single breath. But the changes don't stop at skin-level. Inexplicably, he's able to affect objects around him by simply thinking about them. And as he soon learns, he's become the central figure in a vast web of intrigue that stretches from an underground global conspiracy to a prophecy dating back over seven thousand years, that tells of his coming. Enemies and allies find him at every turn, but one thing they all learn very quickly is that you don't want to push Grant Borrows too far...

Can destiny be undone? The players are ready. The game is in motion. And the pace is Relentless.
Sounds intriguing, doesn't it? Author Robin Parrish was gracious and responded to some questions via email. Here's Question #1. Tune in Tuesday and Wednesday for Day 2 & 3 of the CSFF Blog Tour and read the rest of the Q&A.

> Q. You've been writing since you were little. Have you ever
> recycled a story that you've written, dusted it off and tried
> to update it or, once you write something, do you leave it alone
> and simply move on to something new?
Robin: Definitely. A major plot point in Fearless is something I took from a short story I wrote not long after college. And no, I'm not telling which plot point that is. ;)

As far as books go, I live by the deadline. I'd probably keep tinkering and tweaking stuff forever if they'd let me, but once the deadline hits it has to be at least in a form that you're happy enough with. After that, it's done (whether I like it or not) and I move on to the next thing.
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  1. One of the things I found was that this book worked well as a stand-alone. The summary of the previous book was enough to understand the basic premise of this one. I do want to go back and read the previous book and I'm waiting for the next one, but this was interesting as it was.

  2. A stand-alone, Terri? Surely not with the ending.

    I agree that the summary of the previous book was an adequate prep for this book, but without the third, this one will be pointless, I think.


  3. And having read Relentless AND Fearless in 72 hours, I can't imagine reading 2 without having read 1! But I agree that 3 will be a MUST read because of the ending. Sheesh, ya think Robin planned it that way?

  4. Thanks for the heads up regarding reading all three! Now I'll have to put them on my TBR pile. Yikes, that pile is growing! lol, Lyn from Bloggin' Outloud

  5. Funny, I would say the opposite. Although I was able to follow along adequately, I felt like I was left out by not reading the first.

  6. I'm liking the Q and A. I liked his point about recycling short stories into novel ideas. I've always liked to do that but wasn't sure if it was "cheating" creatively, but it certainly worked for him.
    I think by the end of this blog tour I'm going to compelled to storm my library for the books.

  7. Yeah, recycling isn't cheating, it's good stewardship! lol, Thanks for popping by the tour, Lyn


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