Friday, July 13, 2007

Fiction Friday - Adventures of Anonym

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Character: Dime, a member of a secret society who brags about it
Situation: gets a visit from the FBI
Action: runs onto a baseball field

Opening Scene:
Dime (A. Dozen - her parents were cruel) has jumped the right field fence and is chasing her pet pikachu across the outfield. The Royals are grateful for the interruption as the Angels have just loaded the bases. Frick & Frack, two FBI goonies are on the case and suspect a drop off. They stumble over fans in pursuit.

Secret organization SD-9 is recruiting children as moles to infiltrate subversive cartoon and live-action television productions. The mission: Stop the smuggling of perfidious values across international lines. Barney has already been turned and Tinky-Winky is close. Newest agent, Dime A. Dozen (her parents were cruel), is working the Pokémon network and is making progress.

The FBI has stumbled on the illegal trafficking of values as well. But they completely misread the situation and believe the children (that we know have been recruited by secret organization SD-9 to bust the ring) are aiding and abetting the television characters. Fortunately, Dime (A. Dozen, her parents were cruel) knows she's being followed, but now must watch for danger from both sides.

The Story So Far:
Our heroine and her pet pikachu are relaxing at a baseball game when something spooks the Pokémon. The chase is on. Will Dime (A. Doz... oh all right, enough already) catch her contact and succeed in gaining the trust of Pikachu, or will the two FBI goonies simply blow her cover?

Stay tuned for another exciting episode of Anonym!

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  1. ok... im ready... let me have it!!!!!

    very good i really liked this,, so minimal and yet so all encompassing....

  2. How fun! I didn't realize just how subversive those cartoon characters could be ;)

  3. I can see this playing out as a Saturday morning cartoon. Very fun to read.

  4. Okay, I can't miss the rest, so I'll stay tuned LoL

  5. I'll be back; I want to know what's going to happen next?

  6. My 9 year old desperately wants to read this story.

  7. Thanks for the comments so far. I guess I'll have to wait until next week's challenge as I believe it builds on the last two. So maybe this will turn into a story after all. And if it's interesting enough for a 9 year old, then that is saying something! :-) Lyn

  8. Gotta admit I'm a little confused by the plot, but I love the idea of recruiting cartoon and live-action characters. Barny has already been turned. >snort<

  9. Would like to hear the story but the outline sounds intriguing!

  10. What fun. This is really enjoyable and like the others I want to know more.


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