Thursday, July 26, 2007

T13 - I Did a Cool, Cool Thing

Last week I did 13 (not so really) bad bad things.
This week I'm bragging. :-)

Bragging About 13 Cool Things I've Done

13. I've marched in the Tournament of Roses Parade.
12. Saved my friend who was caught in an ocean riptide.
11. Marinated, cooked, and ate snails - not escargots, snails!
10. Found a packet of cigarettes. Threw them away unopened.
9. Shaved my head as a swimmer. Then as Daddy Warbucks.
8. Saw Star Wars 7 times within about a week in 1977.
7. I ran away to Australia my junior year in high school.
(Okay, I said that last week too. Foreign exchange student.)
6. Was an 'extra' in Sarah, Plain and Tall - Winter's End.
(And saw Glenn Close and Christopher Walken on the set.)
5. Attended a million person PK event in Washington DC.
4. If you've read this far, you better comment right now.
3. We rappelled Fisher Dorm our freshman year in college.
(Yes, another one from last week. But it was cool too.)
2. I'm running out of ideas.
1. I blog.

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