Tuesday, July 10, 2007

For Fun Go See Die Hard

Okay, for pure fun and amusement go see Live Free or Die Hard.

Amusement. Sometimes it helps to understand a word if you break it down, so let's do that now shall we? A - meaning not, muse - to think, and ment, well that doesn't mean anything so you can forget about that.* So if you don't want to think, go see Die Hard!

I was practically laughing the whole way through. And I wasn't making fun of it. It was a serious good time - so over the top (Willis is scrambling on a jet after the pilot ejects!) and unbelievable - I thought True Lies took the cake, but it finally met its match!

Movies like this are what I call "shoot 'em up, bang 'em up, pow, pow, pow" movies. What are some of your favorite?

* Anyone know the allusion? :-)

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