Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm On Three Blog Tours

I know. It's ridiculous. I'm on three blog tours.

What's a Blog Tour
? It's a blogroll of readers/writers/reviewers that agree to promote (or at least discuss) one book a month or more on their blogs. Usually an author's newest title gets featured, along with an interview, some links and reviews in order to help boost their book to #1 on Technorati's Popular Book List.

The first tour I joined was the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance (CFBA). Director Bonnie Calhoun states that their mission is: To proclaim God's glory in all genres of Christian fiction by broadening our presence in the world, through the internet. This tour features a new book almost every week, so if you love books and want to promote Christian fiction, then visit here for more information.

All right. Next is the Christian Fiction Review Blog (CFRB) headed up by David Brollier who writes that his blog is set up: To further the Gospel of Jesus Christ by showcasing reviews of Christian fiction. David is the author of The 3rd Covenant, a supernatural thriller.

And the last group (wow, the graphic came out bigger than I anticipated :-) is the Christian Science Fiction & Fantasy (CSFF) Blog Tour. I really like this one as I enjoy speculative fiction maybe a bit more than other genres. Moderator Rebecca LuElla Miller also has a newsletter, Latest in Spec, in which you can find out all sorts of industry happenings.

Another (sister) resource is the Lost Genre Guild which specializes in promoting the "lost genre" of Christian speculative fiction. Although with tours like these, I think we're seeing an increased awareness. Are you aware of any other Christian Fiction blogs, tours, and review sites? Post them in the comment section.

Until next time, Happy Reading!


  1. You ARE a busy blogger!
    Thanks so much for helping spread the word about our tour.
    Blog tours are FUN FUN FUN...but real life is even better.
    So I hope lots of folk in Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New York will pick a location and come see us.

  2. If you like blog tours, want to play a blog game?


    I appreciate it if you feel like playing.

  3. Thanks for popping by Sharon. Wish you well on your actual physical book tour on the East Coast.

    And as for the game WonChristian, I may give it a try some time! Thanks.


  4. Your always so creative in the blog community. This blog tours looks interesting too.
    I so much remember Blogs of Summer last year and have great fun with it!

    Btw: Thanks for adding me to your Friends list!


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