Thursday, July 05, 2007

Residential Aliens - Premier Issue

Speculative Fiction from the Seven Stars

Announcing the debut issue of a speculative fiction ezine with a spiritual foundation. Although once deemed a "lost genre," stories with a fantastic element are making a comeback. This new online publication is simply another venue for writers, readers, and artists of the fantasy, sci-fi, and supernatural genres to share and enjoy their stories.

Residential Aliens
Speculative Fiction from the Seven Stars

Issue #1 - July, 2007 features a variety of pieces including:
  • A speculative story from Peter F. Blair titled The Day God Died
  • A dark fantasy by Donald S. Crankshaw, The Hunter of Shades
  • A science fiction story by Rob Carr called Not Exactly Plagiarism
  • An allegorical fantasy by yours truly, A Sad Tale from Skuddledump
  • A light fantasy serial by M. Vance titled The Other End of the Rainbow
  • A short LOTR fan fiction piece by Jacquelyn Fisher, Took Legacy
  • A book and theological review by Dom Bettinelli of The Children of Hurin
  • Plus the artwork, including the cover Seven Stars, of Sarah Perry
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Thank you for your support, Lyn Perry

PS I am accepting submissions for Issue #2 to go online August 1. For guidelines visit RA. For questions or comments, email me at lyn @ rightthinking . net.

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