Thursday, July 12, 2007

T13 - Linky Edition

I've come across 13 interesting links - maybe you'll like them too.

1. Free summer trashy novel giveaway at I Will Read 10 Pages
2. Excellent HP5 Movie Review at Sword of Gryffindor
3. I'll be reviewing the same books as And Then I Woke Up
4. Random Yak found The Map Game - it's addictive!
5. A new scary zine for short stories - Fear and Trembling
6. Hear Sherlock Holmes Everywhere? Try this podcast.
7. Can't stop talking about Ray Gun Revival Sci Fi Zine
8. Renny from Finland Norway knows how to travel Scandinavia
9. Adam's Blog makes a point on Barry Bond's hr record
10. Speaking of T-13s, Dane Bramage is on #46 already!
11. Tidbits & Treasures takes us back to the '60s
12. One of my favorite writing tips sites, the Write Stuff
13. And can't forget my new zine, Residential Aliens

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