Thursday, January 05, 2012

Pick One For Me To Finish

So far, so good. But then, this is only the first week! In my quest to Write 1 Sub 1 each week this year (my New Year's resolution), I've completed one story and submitted it already.

Now I have to come clean, I only needed 500 more words to finish that story. But heh. Whatever it takes, right? And to keep me motivated these first few months, I just have to turn to my list of WIPs. These stories are just begging to be completed. They have titles and a beginning but little else.

Here's where you come in. In the sidebar is a poll. Pick the title (or two) of the story you want me to finish by the end of the month. The poll is open until January 10th. So vote soon and often. Well, just kidding about the often part. But vote! Let me know your favorite title. Thanks!

(Oh, and if you comment here with your prediction of the winning title of the story that I'll finish, I may pick a random winner, win something. :)

UPDATE (Jan 11, 2012): Polls are closed! The winning title is "Yes Allie, That's a Bogeyman Under Your Bed." It beat "The Curious Case of Kevin Klaag" by one vote. "To Tame a Demon" came in third. So here's what I'll do. I'll start on these stories right after I finish this week's W1S1 challenge, "Or the Highway." And for those who commented, Deb and Chris, your reward is to be my beta reader for the Klaag piece since you both voted for it and it came in second. (Plus, I'm wanting to submit it to the Monsters! anthology and will need the feedback, if you're willing! :)
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