Friday, June 01, 2012

Binge Publishing

Help! I can't stop myself.

A new ebook short is up at Amazon - Last Gasps - Three Cozy Thrillers!

Is there such a thing as a cozy horror story? I guess so, I've written a few and am offering them here. You know, sorta creepy, but light and airy, my typical whimsy.

If you've followed my links in "My Stories" (see the top tabs) then you've probably read them as they were online at some point. But this collection is unique - and only 99 cents.

Conventional price point wisdom right now is that single stories are set at .99 to 1.99, collections of stories and novellas at 2.99, novels at 3.99 to 5.99. That seems about right, but what do I know? I think cozy thriller is a genre.


  1. "I think cozy thriller is a genre"...

    Sure, why not? Based on your description (and a couple of your reviews!), I guess some of my work falls into that genre as well. I'd say it fits.

  2. I agree. Not all your stories are Twilight Zone-like, but most of the TZ stories were cozy horror or speculative thriller. Our genre is hard to define! lol


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