Thursday, May 31, 2012

One More Book Before I Die

Yes, I've jumped on the bandwagon and am going to experiment with my latest ebook short, One More Book Before I Die. I just enrolled it in KDP Select which means, for the next 90 days at least, it is available exclusively at Amazon dot com!

Plus, I have 5 special promotion days in which I can give it away for free. I'm buying into the conventional wisdom that "free giveaways" help boost sales later. Currently, I've priced it at 99 cents, which is sort of like a cheap movie rental, right? You watch (or in this case read) it for entertainment, not expecting much, but are delighted when it pans out.

Whether this all translates into sales down the road, well, that's the experiment. And here's where you come in (you knew I was going to ask for something, right? ;).

Could you please do 3 things?

1. Go to the product page and agree with the tags (just below the product details and customer reviews). I've tagged the story with: christian fiction; cozy mystery; shorts; speculative fiction. I'm wanting to make it a "top seller" in some subcategory.

2. Download the story FREE today! (my first promotion day - June 1st). This ebook short (which includes a bonus short story) is about 5000 words, maybe 18 book pages long. Easy peasy read.

3. Optional: If you're really ambitious, write a short review. Or share the link with someone else. That's it!

And, as always, thanks for reading. If you're interested you can come back later as I'll update the blog on the number of sales vs free downloads during June. Should be fun.

Sneak Peek of One More Book Before I Die:

Nearly four thousand books lined the walls of the old man’s room. It made for cramped living at the nursing home, but as he had no other interests it suited Mr. Oliver Bettington, Sr. just fine. The television left the day it arrived, a rejected gift from his only son.

“Don’t need anything to occupy my time! I’ve got my books. Just bring me another Agatha Christie next week.”

That was almost ten years ago. The old man had eventually grown tired of mysteries and had moved on to histories, biographies, memoirs, and then back to fiction – science fiction of all things.

Mr. Oliver Bettington, Jr. entered his father’s room, frowning at the sight of all the books. “Dad, you need another hobby,” he said by way of greeting. “Something to occupy your…”

“Son, it’s no use. I’m not interested in anything but finishing these last five books. After that I’ll be done and it’ll be time to go.”

(Download the whole story free on June 1, 2012. Let me know what you think!)


  1. Sounds intriguing. I stopped by the product page, liked it, and agreed with the tags. Good luck.

  2. Thanks, Jeff. And be sure to get your free copy tomorrow - if you own a kindle, that is. If not, let me know and I'll send it to you as a word doc.


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