Monday, September 03, 2012

Ulemet Novella

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Ulemet and the Jaguar God
A Mesoamerican Fantasy Novella
by Lyndon Perry

Deformed and misshapen at birth, Ulemet is ugly in a way that attracts second looks, but seldom pity. Cursed by her Olmec village elders and taunted by her people, she flees into the rainforest never to return. Rejected and alone, the young girl's only solace is her small jade carving of Uaxaca, the jaguar animal spirit she wagers will guard her as she makes her way to Tenochtitlán, the golden city of hope.

Escaping danger after danger only to be captured by slavers, Ulemet is forced to play in the ulama, the sacrificial ball game that could result in her freedom or end in her death. Will her hopes in Uaxaca prove misplaced, or will the jaguar god, who's visited her dreams as a mysterious shaman, finally prove true?

Advanced Praise
“Perry gives us a suspenseful, well-crafted story – a mesoamerican eucatastrophe.” – Jeff Chapman, author of the short story collection, Tales of Woe and Wonder

“Lyn Perry delves into an ancient culture and discovers a courageous new heroine. Ulemet's journey is a heart-wrenching demonstration of the power of hope and endurance in the face of overwhelming adversity.” – Fred Warren, author of The Muse and The Seer

Ulemet and the Jaguar God (cover art by Jason Zampol) is available as a 40 page paperback direct from me, Lyn Perry, for only $7.50 US - which includes shipping! (Regular print price is $4.99, plus $3.59 shipping, for a total of $8.58 - you save $1.08 by ordering it here.)


  1. Well, I'd like to read this because I'm very curious about a "Mesoamerican Fantasy Novella," and it sounds like a great story. The plot synopsis definitely got my attention. Besides, I'm always willing to help out another author.

  2. Thanks, Stoney. Glad the "blurb" worked. Your copy is in the ether. Thanks for linking to this post at your blog.

  3. I wanted to read this primarily because it reminds me of the Mayan temples we saw when we visited Mexico (when I was very young) - they always fascinated me.

    Plus, mesoamerican is fun to say :)

  4. Mesoamerican is a fun word. Even though Word doc doesn't like it (bad squiggly red line!). Thanks for your interest, Beth!

  5. Well, can I read it too? You know I love Ancient Aztec/Mayan stories--I enjoyed the one about the ball game over at the magazine. I'll put a blurb on my blog for you, of course! And congrats! Suzan

  6. LOVE the cover! And would like to help with a review! :)

  7. Count me in! I want to read it because I know you're a great writer and I can't resist Mesoamerican Fantasy!

  8. Thanks you three. On the way. Appreciate your interest!


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