Monday, March 25, 2013

#2 Next to Hugh Howey's Original Wool

With just a few more reviews...
(Thanks to Hugh for the mention!)

UPDATE: 6:53 AM, Thursday, March 28, 2013 - Just checked and I'm excited to say I made the Top 10 in the paid short story list now as well! Tres cool. Thanks to everyone who downloaded a copy!

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #5,020 Paid in Kindle Store 
#10 in Kindle Store - Kindle eBooks - Literature and Fiction - Genre Fiction - Science Fiction - Short Stories
#10 in Books - Science Fiction and Fantasy - Science Fiction - Anthologies
#37 in Kindle Store - Kindle eBooks - Literature and Fiction - Genre Fiction - Science Fiction - High Tech


  1. My review from Amazon:

    I am not a fan of FanFic, and was hesitant about being in a hurry to read another take on the WOOLverse. But what Lyndon Perry did with this short story was superb. He didn't need to use much from the original to carry this tome. He chose a subject that Hugh Howey had not touched on, and did it very very well. Hooked from the third page, like I was with the original WOOL, I was left saying, more, there has to be more, and I sincerely hope there is.

    This story could 'stand alone' without the Hugh Howey original. I hope that Mr. Perry does follow this story line to completion. Again it is a wonderful complement to Mr. Howey's original, not really FanFic, but a story on it's own. Write on Mr. Perry!

  2. Thanks, June. And thank you Greg for that encouragement. I mentioned in my reply to your comment at Amazon that I wanted it to be a "stand alone" and yet compliment the original. I think I did okay based on comments like yours and will definitely continue the series to completion. :)

  3. Well being a Christian myself who enjoys SciFi,(going to hell right?:) )I thoroughly enjoyed the context and content to your story.

    I'll always come to the defense of those who are doing the right thing.


  4. Thanks, Greg. I think there is still a stigma in certain Christian circles against Christian writers of SF and/or fantasy. That's one reason for the prevalence of "bonnet books" - it's safe, conservative (Amish! can't get much more conservative than that!), and although fiction, it's more realistic or historically grounded (supposedly, lol). Speculative writing, by its nature, broadens the boundaries of what is/can be and therefore isn't as "safe" for the reader. I try to write spec fic that is thematically engaging, but not necessarily religiously accurate. I don't want my art/craft to be a doctrinal statement, I want it to touch the reader. Wow, I went on and on. I should probably post these thoughts as a blog post, lol.

  5. I have to deal with that a lot. Much criticism from peers. I don't know if they are just not 'secure' in their beliefs, or if it is indoctrination. I ignore it, as I have no problem separating fact from fiction.

  6. Greg, hang in there - it looks like you are. Some readers don't get the fact/fiction distinction! lol

    Btw, I like your blog, but do I need to register to comment? Thanks for posting a link to my story and my YouTube video. Those are so much fun!


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