Friday, March 22, 2013

Why I'm Excited About Writing

+ There are more readers than writers.
+ Readers read faster than writers can write.
+ Books we write today will never go out of print.
+ 'Binge' readers discover authors and buy backlists.
+ There are 7 billion people who are created for stories.
+ Indie publishing has opened the door to those 7 billion.
+ Written stories provide something that movies can not.
+ Telling great stories has the power to change the world.

Why else am I excited about writing? Comment below!



  1. I'm excited that you have a positive attitude because you'll notice the good things when I won't.

  2. It's hard work for me to notice good things! lol. But here's another one to add: Indie writers have to potential to keep 100% of the profits of their books! w00t! (If they sell direct through their website, up to 70% via Amazon and others, while traditionally pubbed folks get about 15%! Psyche!)


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