Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Release: Christ of the Abyss

by Joel V. Kela
A SF Novella

Orin and Lianna left Earth for the promise of a new life. Yet on the fabled planet of Constance, their dreams dissolved amidst war and disaster. Now all that remains is to seek the object of their hope and their doom, a massive statue set adrift in the blackness of space. If they can only get there in time...

Orin banked their shuttle around the hull of another fractured warship, and before him spun two more. Minutemen ships. Morey class. Dead like those who helmed them. He checked his scope; debris filled the screen with endless red dots. Predators shredded and cross-chewed and left to spin in the rustless eternity of space. He looked again at the face of his wife. At the face of his son. He raised his eyes up along the sleeve of that great statue, up past the shoulder, and to the stars above.

Available from Amazon for $2.99 (about 48 pages, cover design by Jordan Dyke). Paperback and other ebook versions coming soon. 
About the Author:
Joel V. Kela is a PhD student studying New Testament in Dallas, TX. He is married to a better girl than he deserves, has four surprising kids, and goes kiteboarding whenever he can. His stories have appeared in a variety of publications, including Big Pulp,, and Stupefying Stories. You can visit Joel’s home on the web at

Bloggers, Interviewers, Reviewers: If you would like a complimentary copy of Christ of the Abyss by Joel V. Kela, and/or if you would like to interview the author, please contact ResAliens Press at resaliens at gmail dot com with your request. Thank you.

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