Saturday, September 07, 2013

Christian Genre Mash Up

Why not?

From Marcher Lord Press - Amish Vampires in Space by Kerry Nietz

From the back cover: Jebediah has a secret that will change his world forever and send his people into space. The Amish world of Alabaster calls upon an ancient promise to escape destruction. They end up on a cargo ship bound for the stars. But they are not the only cargo on board. Some of it is alive…or used to be. Now, with vampires taking over and closing in on the Amish refugees, these simple believers must decide whether their faith depends upon their honored traditions or something even older.

From the publisher: So what's this all about? Is it a satire? No, my friends, author Kerry Nietz has treated this endeavor with the same level of dedication and research he brought to the award-winning DarkTrench Saga that depicts a future in which Islamic law rules the Earth. You can find out more about the genesis of Kerry's idea at this Speculative Faith interview.

MLP is celebrating its fifth anniversary of publishing great Christian speculative fiction. If you go to Facebook, you'll see the pre-order "matchbook" bonus for Amish Vampires in Space by Kerry Nietz. That is, by pre-ordering your print copy by September 30, you get a FREE e-book in the format of your choice (Kindle or ePub) that will become available October 1.

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