Monday, September 16, 2013

Short Thriller Coming This Week

Finally. A completed project! I'm excited.
And if you like thrillers, I hope you'll be excited too.

There's actually another très cool aspect to this announcement that I will, well, announce soon. It has to do with my first AJ Rakowski story - which has been accepted for publication later this month! That in and of itself is very cool but it's the details of who's publishing it that is even way cooler. Can't wait to share.

So to coordinate with the release of that story, I want to introduce my latest heroine AJ Rakowski, Psychic Detective. This short thriller (which will go online this week) features Ned Nbonivoy, a PI in Detroit, who is stuck on a case he can't seem to solve. That's because he's up against a sinister psychopathic killer whose hobby is to bestow random acts of havoc on as many people as possible, leaving too many clues and rabbit trails to track down. Ned needs someone who can help him focus. AJ Rakowski is just the kind of mentalist who can help.

Drinking Games by Garth Perry
A Nbonivoy/Rakowski Short Thriller 

More Mentalist than Medium, Ava Jane Rakowski has finally accepted the fact that she can't speak with the dead. That doesn't stop her from using her paranormal gifts to help the living - especially those in desperate need. From finding missing persons to solving homicides, Rakowski is on the case.

With each success, however, comes unwanted attention. AJ knows it goes with the territory. The occasional nut job will propose marriage. An oddball stalker will make a fool of himself. But when she captures the attention of a serial killer known only as Carlton, that's when the real game begins.


(And yes, I'm using a fairly transparent pen name since these thrillers are meant for adults and aren't the typical fun silly fluff that 'Lyndon' Perry usually writes. The offer still stands, though, for those who subscribe to my occasional newsletter - I'll send you my cozy thriller, Ma Tutt's Donut Hut, a 4,700 word bizarro mystery with a bit of magic...and a cat. Can't beat that with a stick. Thanks for your interest!)

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