Friday, October 18, 2013

Creepy Freebie Friday #3

All month, we're giving away creepy stories to lucky (or unlucky, as the case may be!) winners. Be sure to visit the official coordinator, Milo James Fowler for more details.

And then visit the other "Creepy Freebie" participants and enter their drawings. Stop by Fowler's website every Friday for free downloads and raffles courtesy of Aaron Polson, Anthony J. Rapino, Bob Eccles, Cate Cardner, Christine Rains,Deborah Walker, Ellie Garratt, Erin Cole, James Garcia Jr., Jeff Chapman, Lyndon Perry,Michelle Ann King, Rhonda Parrish, Roland Yeomans, Simon Kewin, and Stoney Setzer.

Look for free stories today from the following: Ellie Garratt, Jeff Chapman, Anthony J. Rapino.

Also, in appreciation of you stopping by my writing blog today, if you subscribe to my complimentary newsletter I'll send you the ebook, Last Gasp - Four Cozy Thrillers, for free. And no, I don't spam subscribers. ;)

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