Monday, October 28, 2013

More Stories I've Read

Shorter than the novella (40 to 100 pages or so) is the novelette - or since some hate that category, let's call them long short stories. At any rate, I've been reading stories of all lengths lately since I have about a ten minute window between going to bed and falling asleep! So these shorter works are just right for me at this point. And I think you'd like them too!

The BackTracker by Milo James Fowler

Milo James Fowler treats us to another sci-fi noir crime thriller in the vein of his Immaterial Evidence, but this time instead of the paranormal element, the trope is time travel. And despite the general sense that time travel paradoxes simply don't work and end up ruining the story, Fowler avoids the typical pitfalls of the genre and wraps up this short novella with an endearing resolution.

This SF future tech noir genre a great niche that Fowler fills out nicely with his trademark voice (with snarky Private Eye repartee) and attention to setting and story details (the requisite future tech and gadgets). Quick and easy read, entertaining and recommended. Look for his other paranormal stories and weird westerns as well.


Faces in the Shadows by Simon Kewin

Kewin's short collection of three ghost stories is simply a treat. These aren't horror stories, they are gentle literary pieces that take you into the speculative realm for a sentimental (not syruppy) and supernatural, but ultimately human, journey. The first story, "Her Long Hair Shining," is one of the finest ghost stories I've read. The other two are nicely done as well. Definitely recommended for a lunch time break.

I've enjoyed a number of Simon's stories over the past year or so, including: ENGNa YA/dystopian/steampunk novel, and The Genehunter, which I think is one of the best cyber-thrillers that have hit the virtual bookshelves. Do yourself a favor, and check out this writer from across the pond.


Virtual Hero by R. L. Copple

Copple's collection of middle grade adventure stories featuring three young friends who don their virtual capes and go about saving the world is a good introduction to his novels in "The Virtual Chronicles." One need not have read Mind Game or the sequel Hero Game to enjoy these vignettes.

These are well written short stories that capture the spirit of YA thrill-a-minute story telling and that sci-fi near future feel. If you want a different take on the hero genre, this is worth the buck for a couple of lunch times of reading enjoyment. In fact, if you enjoy the 'young-at-heart' and easy-going adventure fiction and fantasy, check out his Reality Chronicles as well.


Ant Apocalypse by Will Swardstrom 

Inspired by one of my random tweets, Swardstrom takes this scary but quirky concept to the next level. This bit of horror is a slow burn - fun and well-written, but long on anticipation, so hang in there. It's written in that memoir-ish style that catapults you along toward a finish you know is coming, but dread all the same. Clean and creepy. Nicely done. Read it over lunch for a 99 cent treat. Bargain!

Will Swardstrom is a writer I've met via the wooliverse, a group of fans inspired by Hugh Howey's Wool and who have published tie-in stories within his silo universe. Check out more of Will's works. In fact, I just got his latest novel, Dead Sleep, in the mail. Looking forward to reading it.


Okay, now that you know some of what I've been reading, if you have a moment, head to Amazon where I posted the above reviews for each of these stories, and if they were helpful to you in understanding the ebook, would you click it so? I appreciate it. Also, tell me what you've been reading lately. Thanks!

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