Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Writers Write Oct 2

Still working on Beatings, a sequel to Abductions (which should be published soon). Both stories feature my psychic detective AJ Rakowski, who is more 'mentalist' than 'medium.' She can't talk with the dead, doesn't predict the future, but can sense the vibes of people in trouble. So she works part time for the Chicago Police Department trying to help solve cold cases of missing persons and homicides. (Will reveal her homicide detective partner later this month! Should be a fun surprise.)

The only problem is that this time, she's the one in trouble. A disturbed individual thinks that AJ is in love with him and will do anything to 'protect' her from others...even to the point of taking her away to a 'safe place' where they can be alone. Creepy. At any rate, I'm almost half way through this short story, having added another 800 words today.

New words today: 800
So far this month: 1800

Projects in the wings:
Simply Criminal, a Ned Nbonivoy thriller
Uprising, a Silo Story (part 2 of Petition)
And dang, a slew of projects I'm currently co-writing with some friends


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