Friday, November 29, 2013

2000 Hard Fought Words

All day to write and I managed to squeeze out a mere 2000 words. Spent a couple hours at Starbucks working on my chapter (about 1700 words) of a collab with Jeff Chapman. When the project gets closer to completion, I'll share some details, but the genre is historical paranormal and requires a bit of research, which is fun.

Other projects today included formatting "The Adventures of Max McCannor," a middle grade steampunk adventure set in the 1890s. It's co-written with my friend Todd Hunter and is about 80 pages. We're going to publish it via CreateSpace first, then get it online as an ebook. Ready by Christmas! Very cool cover by Tomomi Ink, btw.

Speaking of projects ready for Christmas, Stoney M. Setzer and I have published a supernatural suspense story (about 45 pages) called "Accidents." It's on sale at Amazon for 99 cents, but will head to all platforms within the next few weeks. I'm thinking B&N, Kobo, Smashwords, and iTunes. Possibly a paperback at CreateSpace. Any others I should consider?

After a nap with Izzy, I wrote an opening scene for a "black ops" novel I've been tossing around in my head as of late. 300 words. Just a teaser. Considering multiple POVs, omniscient sort of Vince Flynn/Brad Thor-ish. Guess I'll have to google CIA, NSA, and all that. Which will then tip off the CIA and NSA about my secret project...hmm.

Anywhoo, wrapped up the day with a bit of Thanksgiving leftovers and two episodes of "Doc Martin" on Amazon Prime. Over all, a wonderful holiday break.

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