Monday, July 28, 2014

6 Days Left

Well, I learned one thing in my 21 Day Writing Sprint to the End of Summer...I'm not a very good sprinter. I really didn't change my habits all that much knowing I was going to post my results at the end of the day. Then, some days I forgot to even post (or maybe subconsciously forgot!) my word count and project updates.

So quick recap for the weekend: no new fiction words on Saturday or Sunday, though I did write an 800 word reflection on what a blast it is to be self-publishing. It's an encouragement for those who've never taken the plunge. Though it comes with warnings, because like anyone who wants to start a hobby, there are naysayers. Anyway, may post that one day. (Though if you're friends with me on FB, it was Sunday's 'rant.' lol)

Today, though, I did get in 2000 words of world-building and an opening scene/prologue to my Sword of Otrim novel I'm pulling together. I have 3 stand alone stories in this epic fantasy series and I want to tie them together with an overarching plot. I figured out what that was, then needed to create a map, a timeline, and set the stage with an opening episode and probably two closing chapters/stories for the novel to work. Pretty excited about it.

Well, six more days of posting my progress before my summer ends. Let's see what I can accomplish this last week before school starts. Thanks for coming along on this journey, hit and miss as it's been.

Project updates below the fold.

Word count and genre updates:
Day 1 - 3200 words (space western, horror)
Day 2 - 2400 words (satire/humor)
Day 3 - 2700 words (satire/humor)
Day 4 - 500 words (fantasy)
Day 5 - 2000 words (satire/humor)
Day 6 - 2700 words (satire/humor, bit of cozy)
Day 7 - 0 (800 words non fiction, doesn't count toward total)
Day 8 - 0
Day 9 - 2600 words (cozy mystery)
Day 10- 1600 words (cozy mystery)
Day 11- 2000 words (cozy mystery)
Day 12- 2700 words (cozy mystery)
Day 13- 0
Day 14- 0 (800 words nonfiction, doesn't count toward total)
Day 15- 2000 words (epic fantasy)
Total - 24,400 words of new fiction so far this sprint
Total fiction words this summer: 78,500

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