Friday, July 25, 2014

21 Day Writing Sprint - Day 12

Half way through my short writing sprint to the end of summer. Or, at least my summer. I head back to teach middle school English Language Arts first week in August (first week is report week, actually, students arrive the 11th).

Overall looking forward to it, but I'm also wanting to keep my "part-time job" (writing!) during my evenings. So I'm trying to get in the habit now of writing every day and keeping track of my word count.

So far, so so. I was hoping to average close to 3,000 words a day, which is what a few full time writers I've talked to seem to produce. Which, with enough books in the market, is enough for them to make a decent living self-publishing. That's my goal.

Now, I'm a slow writer. Maybe 500 words an hour. So it's not out of the realm of possibility to produce 3000 words daily. That's really only 6 hours of writing - with breaks! (Since it's not good for one's health to sit on one's rear endlessly.) The reality has been, however, that I'm averaging close to 2000 words a day.

Not bad, but not great. That pace did allow me to finish one short novel though (see below). So I'm very happy about that. At any rate, yesterday (ie, Thursday, I forgot to post my update) I wrote 2000 words and today, Friday, I added 2700 words and completed the second tale/chapter in my second Ma Tutt book.

My plan is to add 3 more tales/chapters (average 9000 words a story) and bring the novel to 45,000 words. It'll be structured like the first one, episodic subplot tales that tie together with an overarching storyline. I'm hoping to have it done and published by the end of August. (Cover reveal in a few weeks!)

This will bring my completed novel count to 2. Half way toward this year's goal of 4. If you're interested, on the side column to the right, are the progress bars for some other in-progress novels that I may be able to complete before Christmas. (And yes, I'm cheating a little bit as these are projects I started last year. But heh, a completed novel is a completed novel! ;)

Well, that's about it. Thanks for reading and your interest. Appreciate your support!

Continue Below the Fold for Word Count and Project Updates

21 Day Sprint to the End of Summer

Word count and genre updates:
Day 1 - 3200 words (space western, horror)
Day 2 - 2400 words (satire/humor)
Day 3 - 2700 words (satire/humor)
Day 4 - 500 words (fantasy)
Day 5 - 2000 words (satire/humor)
Day 6 - 2700 words (satire/humor, bit of cozy)
Day 7 - 0 (800 words non fiction, doesn't count toward total)
Day 8 - 0
Day 9 - 2600 words (cozy mystery)
Day 10- 1600 words (cozy mystery)
Day 11- 2000 words (cozy mystery)
Day 12- 2700 words (cozy mystery)
Total - 22,400 words of new fiction so far this sprint

Other Summer Writing Projects:
+ Ma Tutt's Secret Spice (Culinary/Cat Cozy Book 2)
+ Bombo Dawson satire novel with Michael Bunker
+ post-death horror story with Gustavo Bondoni
+ historical werewolf story with Jeff Chapman
+ spiritual suspense with Stoney M. Setzer
+ MG alt history with T. M. Hunter
+ thriller/mystery with Joe Konrath
+ space western with Dan Devine
+ YA paranormal with friend
+ cozy mystery with friend
+ a few others! lol

Completed Projects:
Ma Tutt's Donut Hut - A Mack the Magical Cat Mystery
$2.99 at Amazon (culinary/cat cozy - 35,000 words)
Paperback coming soon. Other e-formats as well.

Recent Interviews:
Jeff Chapman
Lisa Godfrees

Total Number of Fiction Words this Summer: 76,500

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