Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Short Fiction Sale - Free Promos and Countdown Deals

This is your lucky half week!

Congrats, you stumbled upon this blog at just the right time. I've got promos galore starting today. Check out these deals - more importantly, download these deals. :)

Wed, Sept 17 - Accidents - A Tremble Town Episode, free for one day! (UK link)

Thurs, Sept 18 - 7 Day Countdown deals for the following ebooks - starting at 99 cents! Get them before they go back up to regular price!
+ Christ of the Abyss - a science fiction tale of hope and tragedy (UK link)
+ Last Cry - a collection of sorrowful fables (UK link)
+ Last Gasp - a collection of cozy thrillers (UK link)
+ Last Chance - a collection of timely tales (UK link)
+ Last Laugh - a collection of humorous stories (UK link)

Fri, Sept 19 - Ulemet and the Jaguar God - a mesoamerican fantasy, free for one day! (UK link)

Sat, Sept 20 - The Last Prayer - a Silo Story, free for one day! (UK link)

Sun, Sept 21 - Two religious meditations, free for five days!
+ Journey to the Cross: Faith (also in the UK)
+ Journey to the Cross: Service (also in the UK)

Also, please note: If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can borrow these titles any time! Those borrows really help an indie writer. Thanks for reading!

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