Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Facebook Policy

Dumb thing happened on the way to the internet...

I'd post an opinion on Facebook and low and behold, people would argue with me. I thought what is up with that. So I posted this on my wall recently and got quite few positive comments. Seems others feel the same way I do. The internet is not for arguing. ;)

Okay, let's go over my FB policy again. Overarching metaphor: My FB wall is my front porch. Some evenings I go out and sit in my rocker, enjoy the weather and wave at the passersby. I'll have a tall cold glass of sweet tea and a book on my lap. Occasionally, I'll say hello to folks and invite them to join me on the porch for a glass of iced tea. Sit awhile. Chew the fat. Talk books.

When I post something, it's me saying hello. You can nod and keep going. Not offended. You can wave and compliment the nice yard and pretty flowers. That's always nice. You can stop and visit, have a glass of sweet iced tea. If you choose unsweetened, I understand. Not a problem. The problem is when you insult my choice for sweetened. Or tell me your choice is better. Or start commenting negatively about my yard and flowers. I just invited you to my front porch and you're gritching?

Now some people will say, what do you expect? Commentators are gonna commentate. I say, sit on your dang porch and have at it. Some people will say, he only wants people who like sweet iced tea on his porch. I say, nope. I want polite neighbors. Some people will say it's unrealistic to share your iced tea and not expect some push back. I say what the heck are you talking about?

So, I'm going to try again tomorrow. Most days it works out great. But sometimes I get some gritchers. Well, what's great about my front porch? I can detour people to another street. They'll never again have to walk by my house and have to decide whether they'll nod and walk on, wave and say hi, or sit and chat awhile. Because if one can't be neighborly, they don't need to be my neighbor.