Tuesday, March 12, 2019

SynCorp Saga Continues

A couple of SF writer friends of mine - Chris Pourteau and David Bruns - are expanding their SynCorp Saga into the next trilogy with the upcoming military/corporate syndicate science fiction novel, Valhalla Station (available for pre-order NOW, March 12, 2019 for only 99 cents - ebook launches on March 21 for 99 cents as well, but price may go up later, never know).

Either way, you'll want to pre-order your copy this week!

I was fortunate enough to land an ARC and just finished it. I'll post my review on Amazon and Goodreads later this month, but you can rest assured it's a solid Book 1 of a new stand alone trilogy that continues the near-future story of "corporate intrigue that spans from the boardrooms of Earth to the red sands of Mars." (from the description on David Bruns' website)

The first three books are: The Lazarus Protocol, Cassandra's War, and Hostile Takeover.

I admit, I have not yet read these first three books, but Valhalla Station works as an adventure in and of itself, and one need not be familiar with the SynCorp universe to enjoy this new offering. (Note, though, Valhalla Station is definitely part of a new trilogy, of which the remaing two books will drop in the coming months - so you won't have to wait long once you get hooked on this new storyline.)

If you're not a big fan of military SF, never fear. This is more adventure and corporate intrigue (think multi-national conglomerates dividing up the solar system for their own ends). It is an adult SF book for adults, however - probably rated R if put on the big screen. Nevertheless, it will keep you reading and whet your appetite for Books 2 and 3.

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