Monday, May 04, 2020

Free Through May 6

(Amazon Link)
Are you familiar with J.A. Konrath's Jack Daniel Thrillers? He has a collection of stories in the "Jack Daniels and Associates Mystery Series" that is free on Amazon until May 6. It's Volume 1 of the Jack Daniels Stories written with guest writers (but Book 2 in his whole collection). 

I actually have a story in Volume 3 (Book 7) that I co-wrote with J.A. Konrath called Abductions. A second story called Beat Down is also in a collection and I just finished the third story, Confessions, which Konrath is editing now. I'll let you know when it comes available.

Anyway, grab your copy if you like dark humor mixed with a bit of mystery and thrills.

Different topic: My next newsletter is out! I'm trying to go monthly, but it's hard, lol. I actually sent out my first newsletter back in 2012 I think. So I suppose I should have close to 100 issues out, right? Well, this is Issue 6! Here's the link to the web version

In each issue I highlight a new release or project I'm working on and feature a book or author I'm reading or getting to know. And I usually throw in a freebie or point readers to something I think they might be interested in (like the free Jack Daniels collection above).

If you want a free ebook for your trouble, I'd be grateful if you became a subscriber. You may get something each month...but at the rate I'm going it'll probably be every couple. ;) Here's the link to subscribe! Thanks for reading. - Lyn