Thursday, October 08, 2020

Review of 'Spirits of the Earth' Trilogy


City of Glass by Milo James Fowler

I've just finished Milo James Fowler's trilogy, a series called Spirits of the Earth. And I'd recommend each of the books. It's post-apocalyptic but not your typical slash and burn craziness where everything is simply mayhem with people trying to survive. Instead, it's a well thought through imagining of the near-future with a supernatural twist.

Here are the Goodreads links to all three books:

Book 1 - After the Sky

Book 2 - Tomorrow's Children

Book 3 - City of Glass

Very well done. I've read quite a few shorter stories by Fowler but this is the first full length set of novels I've had the pleasure to enjoy. Check them out when you get the chance.

(Btw, the Amazon link above contains my associate tag, which means if you use it to get to Amazon and you purchase the item there, I get a penny or two for my trouble.)

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