Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Midweek Motivation - Overcoming Excuses

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I used to write "positivity" blog posts about 15 years ago, back in the self-help / leadership / positive thinking resurgance. 

I still have the blog called Thought Renewal, so thought I'd crib from there on occassion and share some success strategies.

Here's my last post from that blog (from 2012!). It's a little midweek motivation for ya. If you're into that kind of thing. Which I should probably get back into! 


You've been there. So have I. A spark of interest in something creative. A new hobby, maybe. Or a project that you've finally decided to start. 

But then fear or intimidation or hesitancy sets in. "Oh, you should (fill in the blank)," someone says. You respond quickly with, "But I'm not (fill in the blank)."

Go on, you can admit it. You've said that phrase in protest to something or other in your past. 

  • Someone recommends an excellent book. "But I'm not much of a reader." 
  • A friend suggests you take Zumba together. "But I'm not that coordinated." 
  • Back in middle school, your Language Arts teacher gave an assignment. "But I'm not a writer."

And so you let the "nottas" control your life. The truth is we are (and can do) almost anything we decide to be (or do). It's a matter of choice. 

Oh sure, there're some genetic limitations that limit an insignificant number of our choices in life. But those miniscule exceptions prove the rule - we can choose to do and be and create! 

In other words, we have the ability to choose, to a substantial degree, what our life looks like.

So here's my challenge: At least have the guts to say, "I choose not to read. I choose not to dance. Or I choose not to write." For at the point that we admit "we are choosing" we take ownership of our current state.

So, if you were not happy with your response to 2020 and 2021 (and all that happened "to us" these past few years), what that means is that you chose not to be happy with it. 

You didn't read that book, not because you aren't a reader but because you chose not to read it. You didn't exercise and get in shape, not because you aren't coordinated but because you chose not to. You didn't write that story, not because you aren't a writer but because you chose not to write it.

That's the tough talk! lol The good news is that you can do something different this next year. 2022 can be fantastic. Next month can be incredible. Next week, even! Or this next moment. 

You can choose to be happy with what you do, who you are, and the results you get. What's holding you back? Be someone different in the coming days. Do something different. Create something. Do it.

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