Thursday, November 18, 2021

Professional Travel Writer That's Me

Did you know I am a professional sports writer? Yep. In college, I wrote a few articles for the local paper about our swim meet results. Inside scoop! (I was one of the swimers.) 

I was even out on assignment a few times, covering crucial contests like girls softball, I think. I was paid $8 an article. Heh.

Now, I didn't stick with it. Didn't make a career of it. One wouldn't properly describe me as a professional sports writer today. But I wrote about sports and got paid for it, so the description technically still holds. 

Well, I can now add professional travel writer to my resume. I just got paid and published - two necessary components for claiming the title. So what if I earned just over my college rate!

My article, Day Hiking the Kansas Badlands, appears on page 10 of this weeks Cunningham Courier. The link leads to a PDF of the issue.) I snip 'n clipped an image of the article if you don't want to follow the link.

In fact, the editor bought two of my articles. I believe Day Hiking Mushroom Rock State Park will be in next week's edition. And I have plans to write more.

Why? Well, my wife and I like to travel. And we're planning on traveling a lot in our early and semi-retirement. And one way to supplement our income during this time is to blog, vlog, write, reel, and generally share our stories as we travel.

We hope you can come along for the ride!

I'm also thinking about busking. Busking is basically being a street musician with your hat out for tips. (No wonder that guy with the guitar chased me down the street after I found a hat full of money just sitting out in the open!) 

More on busking in a future post. But heh, why not? I'm a professional musician. Yep, I've played gigs and I've gotten paid. Two criteria. And at this point, my music gigs pay me slightly more than $8 a show. So travel, write, play music. Can it get any better than that?

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