Friday, December 17, 2021

A Sonnet - Love Lost and Found

They Still to Steal a Secret Kiss

Recent rains leave but shallow streams,
gone the wresting rapids of winter's end;
Through darkest glen where shadows teem
he follows fading paths from bend to bend.
A faint voice pulses, pleads to break pursuit
of love's past echoes now distant mem'ries;
So stumbles onward toward a hidden route,
wand'ring lost, surprised by sunlit valleys.
Far she seems, too far for certain joy,
yet in yon vale they meet, a timid wish;
Familiar strangers with hearts held high
they still to steal a secret kiss.
Found befriended as once before
accepting fin'ly this sweet amour.

(c) Lyndon Perry

I wrote the above sonnet about ten years ago, slightly modified for today's #FreeFictionFriday. It doesn't follow all the rules, but heh, it's free. Would love to hear what you think. I'm not an avid poetry fan or reader, but do enjoy the various forms on occasion - as the muse leads. 

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