Monday, December 13, 2021

Christmas Gift Exchange

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay.
Past few years, the seven of us have done an Elfster gift exchange. We all put up our wishlists at this website; I click the random Secret Santa generator; and then everyone is notified who they are to buy for this Christmas.

It's worked in the past, but now we've sort of reached the point where we've all bought gifts for each other and, since we're all adults, we've kind of run out of gift ideas.

Is this a problem in your household? Maybe not a problem. Maybe it's a blessing. We have everything we want, need, or could imagine. We live in the most prosperous era of world history, in the most affluential part of the world...

Stuff just doesn't mean much to me anymore.

Oh, I'd for sure use a gift card to a good steakhouse or some coffee place that shall not be named. But actual gift items? Umm, let me think. Nope. Don't need anything.

Even books. Yikes, am I actually saying that? I'm realizing that my bookshelves just don't hold the appeal they once did. I can't keep collecting things forever. Mayvbe it's post-mid-life-crisis thinking, but I'm starting to realize that you can't take it with you. Hunh!

So we're starting to downsize instead. I'm selling books. We're giving away clothes. We've got items for sale on Nextdoor and Facebook. Which gets me thinking. If you're still buying Christmas items for your family, give me a call. I might have something for you to purchase!

What are some of your gift-exchange traditions? Any annual holiday routines your still enjoy? Comment below. And Merry Christmas!

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