Thursday, December 30, 2021

My Most Popular Post of 2021

from the Jan Brett website
Checking out my blog stats for this past year - number of page views, most visited blog post, what browser was used the most to check out my site, that sort of thing. Uncovered some weird stuff.

First, the oddly funny news. This blog was viewed 122,000 times in 2021. Kinda crazy. Now the weird part: 66k of those views came from Indonesia. I didn't know I was that popular over there!

A related stat is that 77k views utilized Mobile Safari as the browser. That's Apple iPhone's default web browser. I guess a lot of people in Indonesia have iPhones!

Top referrer is Google, which isn't surprising. Blogger is an Alphabet, Inc. company. So people are using all kinds of key words to find stuff and happen to chance upon my blog. 

I couldn't determine the most popular key word that drove traffic here, but one that gave me a chuckle was "killjoys shakespeare". In fact, on Duck Duck Go (I try hard not to use google's search engine), my blog post on Shakespeare's Complicated Killjoys (from 2009) has top billing!

Another fun fact is that on January 8, 2021, I had 2,000 visitors. I have no idea what blog post people were reading or if it was a bot attack or if there was a celebration in Indonesia or not. Just crazy.

Okay, so now to my most popular post. Back in the heyday of blogging (mid-2000s), I did a lot of "Thursday Thirteen" entries - and linked to other bloggers who participated in this weekly meme. Inconsequential stuff like 13 favorite foods or 13 interesting facts about me, etc. 

My most popular T-13 post back then and the one that still gets a lot of visitors (at over 2,000 views!) is my "Bible Misquotes Edition." I love Bible misquotes, like: "God helps those who help themselves." LOL It's not in the Bible, folks. But everyone quotes it as if it's found in the Book of Hezekiah!

Anyway, that was fun to see. At the No. 2 spot (approaching 2,000 views!), is another T-13 post on rebus puzzles: my "Rebus Brainteaser Edition." I love rebus puzzles too, like: me repeat. (The answer is "repeat after me" get it?)

Anyway, that's my year in review. What was your favorite post of mine this past year? Haha, just kidding. But the invitation stands - feel free to drop me a line any time or comment below and tell me what you like about my blog. And by the way...

Happy New Year!

Thanks for stopping by!
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