Thursday, December 23, 2021

Quick Trip to Chicagoland

Just got back from a quick trip to Chicagoland. Left Monday morning, returned last night. Drove! From Kansas. So about 11 hours on the road each way, including 4 or 5 stops. Got gas twice each way? Can't remember, but the most expensive was $3.29, I think. We're around $2.70 where I live.

Anyway, purpose of the trip was to check in on our mom. Getting older and just needed a visit. Couldn't stay for Christmas (obligations here at home) so a brief stay had to suffice. Helped her out with a few things that she needed help with. Glad to do it.

While there, we played Skip-Bo. Mom loves the game. It's fun, but I'm not a big game player. When I do indulge, I like short games that last 15 minutes or so. Like Oregon Trail. I usually die pretty quickly on that one, so I get to sit out and read while the rest of the fam tries to get to Oregon, lol.

Another fun activity? We got to eat at Portillo's. It's a pretty cool hotdog place. They also serve burgers and roast beef sandwiches. Chicago "street food." I guess they have them all over the country now, but since we missed going there last time we visited mom, I put in a request to eat there this time. Yum.

Another favorite place to eat when in the Chi-town area is Lou Malnati's Pizzeria. We like it better than Giordano's, Gino's or Uno's. All good, mind you, but "The Lou" deep dish is superb, imo. Unfortunately, we did't have time to eat there, so next time!

So overall, a good trip. Plus, we brought home our stocking stuffers and Christmas presents. So definitely worth the drive! Just kidding, mom! We came for you, really. Merry Christmas!

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