Sunday, January 23, 2022

Training for the Camino

Mentioned awhile back that my wife and I are getting in shape for a May 2022 hike of the Camino de Santiago (the 6 day, 70 mile portion starting just north of Portugal). 

This means we need to get in "15 mile a day" shape! Yikes.

Right now, I can walk about 4 or 5 miles at a time. In a few weeks we'll walk 10 miles - half of that in the morning, take a break for brunch, then walk back. Should work!

This afternoon we walked along a rails to trails path for 4.5 miles. And I bonked! 

The problem was I didn't eat anything very healthy after our church service. For fellowship time after worship we had some cake and cheese and crackers. Great for snacking, not great for power fuel.

So I skipped a protein packed lunch and instead of taking a nap (my normal routine), we headed out for a nice fast-paced walk. Well, it was fast-paced for 2.5 miles and then I got light headed.

Yep. No water, no protein bar, no gu available. And it was starting to get a little chilly, low 50s. T-shirt. So I had to sit for a bit and rest.

Sitting and resting is no big deal. We're not going to walk 15 miles straight each day in May along the Camino. But we do need to be able to go the distance. Which means hiking smart! 

I guess I'm glad I learned my lesson this early in my training regimen. Namely, prep with protein before, during, and after - along with some carbs and electrolytes. And cut down on the desserts. 

In other words, this man cannot live on cake alone. 

Will keep you posted as to our progress.

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