Saturday, January 01, 2022

Writing Goals for 2022

Not big on New Year's Resolutions. Mainly because I don't keep them, lol. But looking ahead and thinking about what I want to accomplish with my writing, I guess it's a good idea to set some goals.

The quick and dirty: I will write 2 short novels and 4 novellas in 2022. 

See what I did there? Stated my goal in the positive. Not I want to, but I will. Now, to accomplish that I need to put x amount of words on a page each week. Fair enough. I'll tell you more about that as the weeks pass. Progress reports, and all that.

The novels themselves? Well, I will finish the three-part "Mr. the Cat" series as well as round out three "Ma Tutt" books. (Both series currently stand at one each, which isn't really a series yet, is it?) 

Both are magical cat adventures (maybe cozy mysteries?) and tie into each other, so that there will be 6 stories to choose from by the end of the year. That should help with branding and sales and crossover reads, etc, don't you think?

The other two novellas are finishing projects that I started long, long ago. First one, I'll be wrapping up an MG adventure called Max McCannor (with fellow writer T. M. Hunter). 

This story features a cast of orphans in search of Max's father, who was taken captive to exploit his genius inventions and skills. Sort of steam-punky, set in 1890s and full of fun gadgets.

We have episodes one and two done and just need to finish the story arc, save Max's dad, and put the bad guys in jail! Easy peasy.

The last project goal is to complete my Wool fan fiction series. Episode one sees steady sales or KU reads and is available here, The Last Prayer - A Silo Story. Has over 50 reviews, which is kinda neat.

I started part 2 and just need to finish the whole thing. I heard Wool will be streaming, possibly in 2023. So it will be good timing to finish my trilogy by then. This is with Hugh Howey's permission, btw. He gave all of us fan fiction writers free reign to play in his sandbox, which was super cool.

So that's the plan. To help me track my daily and weekly word count, I'm jumping in with some friends from Keystroke Medium and adding my numbers to our collective spreadsheet. It'll be fun to see how many words we eventually total as a team.

What writing goals do you have for this coming year? Comment below and let's get going!

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