Saturday, February 19, 2022

Quick Saturday Post

Heading out to eat dinner soon to celebrate my wife's retirement, Valentine's Day (late), our upcoming move, successful sales day of household items, and whatever else we can think of to celebrate as we enjoy a night out together. 

Today, we sold more items on FB marketplace. Comments from potential buyers are a hoot. "Is this still available?" Yes. Crickets. We post an item and some random person says we priced it too low. Well, buy it then. Crickets. We post a quilt for sale. "That's not a quilt, that's a comforter." Oh. Do you want to buy the comforter then? Crickets. "We'll be there tonight." We wait. "Changed my mind." Fine.

Still, we're slowing making a dent in getting rid of all our stuff. Literally. We plan to take 2 suitcases with us to PR when we finally sell our house this summer. We told our kids we're doing them a favor. When we die they won't have to go through a bunch of crap, er, stuff. (grin)

I still have a lot of books to sell, though. So if you like science fiction, or thrillers, or whatever, message me and I can send you pics of the used books I have and you can pick and choose and I'll give you a super deal on them. (Have to make a little money for the move! lol) But seriously, let me know.

At any rate, that's the quick update. Don't you hate it when a post ends with an announcement that that's the end of the post? Like on twitter - end the tweet with that's it, that's the tweet. Okay... Crickets.

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