Sunday, July 03, 2022

Met Some New Friends Today

In person, that is. We'd already met them online.

After church this morning, Julie and I headed to Ponce on the south central coast of Puerto Rico where we met up with Lisa and Beto of The Messy Suitcase Blog. Their story has some similarities to ours!

Lyn, Julie, Lisa, Beto in Ponce.

A few years ago, they decided to spend their early retirement traveling. But they needed an anchor, a place to call home. They settled on Puerto Rico and just recently purchased a home in Cabo Rojo.

We came across their blog when we were researching what it took to bring our cat Charlie to PR. They'd just posted an update about the hoops they'd had to jump through to bring their cat, Kaylee.

After some comments back and forth on our blog, Boom Travel and Wellness, and theirs, we set a zoom Happy Hour to meet online. When we both made it to PR, we'd try to get together.

Librería El Candil in Ponce.

Well, that happened today when we "met in the middle" in Ponce - about an hour drive for each of us. In the old town section of the city, there's a wonderful plaza with a number of shops and one of the best ice cream places on the island. There's also a cute little cafe and bookstore nearby.

After a bit of street food (pinchos de pollo from a street vendor) and some fabulous ice cream from King's Cream, we walked around and caught up on each other's stories. It was a fun afternoon. Definitely visit their blog, they have a lot of adventures to share!

Us at the Fox Hotel in Ponce.

And soon, we'll be sharing some new adventures together.


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